The Triads yarn is inspired by the Mabinogi from the Trioedd Ynys Prydein, commonly referred to as the Welsh Triads, a medieval collection of manuscripts of Welsh folklore.

The colors evoke the mythological figures of the children of Penarddun. The largest figure in the story is Bran the Blessed, the son of Penarddun and king of Prydain (Britain). He has often been associated with the Raven.

In the second branch of the Mabinogi, Branwen, the sister of Bran, gets engaged and weds, Matholwch, the king of Ireland. Efnysien, twin brother to Nissyen and half brother to Bran and Branwen is an unhappy figure in this mythology and attempts to prevent Branwen’s marriage alliance. However he redeems himself in death when Bran leads the battle to rescue Branwen from Matholwch.

Manawydan, Bran and Branwen’s brother, is there for the battle and is one of seven men that survive the battle. Manawydan weds Rhiannon in the third branch of the Mabinogi after having his own adventures.

The Triads yarn comes in 200 yds (183 m) skeins. Our Foss yarn is raised, sheared, washed, and spun in Wyoming, and hand dyed in Massachusetts.

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