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January 13

Happy new year! I’ve been spending time converting some of our accessory patterns to commercial yarn so we are able to offer yarn that goes with out patterns.  At the same time I’m still spinning.  The photo above is my most recent handspun sweater.  I purchased the fleece at the Fiber Festival of New England.  The fleece is from the Northampton Smith vocational and agricultural school. It came with a note letting me know that the ewe’s name is Pumpkin and her lamb is Pie.  Pumpkin is a Romney ewe with a pretty consistent grey fleece.  I’m a sucker for a grey fleece but often the color has many shades making if difficult to spin an evenly colored yarn.  Pumpkin it turns out it a pretty even grey.   She’s also a pretty dark grey.  I originally had planned to knit a sweater that was grey and over dyed grey with mustard but the over dyed grey with mustard didn’t create enough contrast.  Even the navy over the grey is still fairly muted but I was pleased with the level of contrast with this pattern which is fairly busy.   The photo shows the fleece to finished object with the washed fleece to the left, the carded fleece at the top, the handspun yarn to the right and the finished sweater.    With my designing focused on commercial yarns I’ve decided I will try and spin and  knit a handspun sweater a month to make use of the yarn I’m still spinning.  We’ll have to see how this goes, especially when you add new design work and re-knitting.  Always good to have a goal though!

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