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Solstice Advent 2023 KAL

Sarah has been working on a free advent pattern collection for the holidays this year! She has designed a bunting pattern with motifs inspired by the Robert Frost poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening on one side and an assortment of plaids on the reverse.

We will be releasing a bunting pattern a day, for 12 days, for the winter solstice. Starting on December 9th and ending on December 21st. The patterns also include a blank template. Sarah has also made a charted alphabet to go with the pattern.

Made with our Foss sport weight yarn using 65 yds (59.5 m) of each color. One of our Polkagris yarns sets will make 1 bunting. This is the perfect pattern to make use of yarn advent calendars or stashbusting as each bunting uses under 100 yds of each color.


We will be running a KAL starting on the 9th of December and ending on the 1st of January.


We would love to see your progress. Please use the hashtag #subitofarmkal on instagram so we can see your WIPs!

Check out our ravelry group for chatting with others on the KAL and sharing progress pics.


We have 3 prizes of fair isle yarn bundles in our Foss yarn which contain 5 skeins of 45 yds each and 75 yds of natural/gray wool Cormo yarn. Shown below, we have 2 in the primary colorway and 1 in the blue/purple colorway.

How to Enter

To enter to win please fill out the entry form with an image of 1 completed bunting. If you are having difficulties with the form just send us the image with your name and address via email.


Your bunting must be knit within the time period specified above. Feel free to use any yarn. You must enter your bunting photo by January 1st. Each completed bunting will count as 1 entry. Winners will be chosen at random from the entries. The winners will be notified on January 2nd via email.

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May 13

This is a photo of the first three sweaters in the seasons sweater series that I’ve been working on. You can see a bit of the fourth sweater at the bottom of the photo. The middle sweater with the trees and bunnies is the winter sweater in the series and I knit it in March. The oak and acorn sweater is in test knit right now. I’m hoping to get the remaining three sweaters into test knit this month. Drop us an email if you’d be interested in test knitting. I’ve started on the first of the May sweaters yesterday.

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March 31

This is the February sweater from our Estabrook yarn. I’m working on a series of four seasons sweaters. The first was the autumnal sweater with the oak leaves and acorns. This is the spring sweater with snowdrops. I’m hoping to get this into test knitting soon. I’ve been working on March sweaters instead of writing the pattern. I’m nearly finished with March’s sweaters though and hope to get both the February and March sweater patterns in the Estabrook yarn written next. If you’d be interested in test knitting send me an email at

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February 29

Happy Leap Day.  I spent most of February traveling to visit my brother in California and then my sister in Hawaii on the big island.  I brought my knitting with me.  I completed or nearly completed two yokes that I’m still working on the bodies and sleeves for.  One is hand spun and one is from commercial yarn and destined to become a pattern, I hope.  The photo above is neither of these but a design that was finished before I left for my travels.  The pattern is currently being test knit.  With so many sweaters on the drawing board and under construction I’m hoping to post one each week in March.

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July 5

I totally missed the month of July. I was in the garden. My passion for gardening is at least as strong as my passion for spinning, knitting and designing so at this time of the year I take a break from the fiber. The clematis is Betty Anne Corning. It’s a favorite. As the weather begins to heat up it’s less fun to work in the garden and I begin to return to the fiber. I’m just up from knitting in the garden in a small shaded stone patio down the steps and and to the left.  I’m working on a new sample of Hedgie’s socks in our new hand dyed commercially spun yarn. The journey from handspun yarn to commercial yarn in our samples and in the yarns we sell has been interesting and educational.  I am a hand spinner.  I love the process from raw fleece to finished garment.  I love my handspun and that has had an effect on the commercial yarns I find acceptable. To start with as a team (Sarah and I) have agreed that we want wool that is raised in the US and spun in the US.  It goes beyond that in that I prefer yarns that are two ply and not overly processed while still being soft.  This means the wool is probably from a finer breed of sheep like Cormo, Merino or Rambouillet. It’s not right, wrong or the best it’s just what I like and imagine in my designs. At this point we’ve sampled a lot of yarns and settled on three that will allow us to support our current designs with yarn sourced and dyed by us. As I mentioned several posts ago the yarn so important in achieving the finished garment that you want.

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February 6

I made it through January.  We had three shows in three weeks.  It was a lot of work but fun at the same time.  We met lots of wonderful people and sold lots of patterns and yarn.  My job for February is to work on a magazine article and prepare for a workshop I’m doing for my spinning guild.  It will be a good change from January.   At the same time I’m continuing my re-knitting journey.  The cross country skier mittens are some of the first mittens I designed.  The original pair has actually felted and shrunk from so much use cross country skiing.  They’re a nice warm pair of mittens with long cuffs to keep the snow out of your jacket.  I’m knitting them in green and white instead of the original red and white and liking the way they’re coming out.

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January 15

I have been re-knitting some of my patterns in commercial yarns so that we will be able offer yarn to go with our patterns.  After sampling lots of yarns we’ve settled on a yarn from Cestari that’s 100% merino that’s sources in the US.  It’s the closest thing to my handspun in weight and character that I’ve found.  The photo above is of Annie’s mitten’s being knit in the new yarn.  The plan is to have yarn to go with some of our most popular patterns at our next show this weekend.  If you’re near Pawtucket RI this weekend we’ll be at Slater Mill Knitting Weekend.  Hope to see you there!

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February 26

We had a great time this past Saturday at the Wayland Winter farmers market at Russells in Wayland. We’d done a bit of dyeing to fill out the empty spots in our inventory. And I’ve spent a some time updating our website so the purple and blue gradient patterns and yarn are on the website. I’ve still got the Pleiades and pink gradient patterns and yarn to add and hope to get to it this week.