Handspun Yarn


This is a small sampling of my handspun yarn.  I spin a lot, usually 2 or 3 fleeces a year.  I enjoy the process of taking a raw fleece and washing, carding, spinning and sometimes dyeing.  I enjoy spinning Cormo, Corriedale, Romney and Shetland fleeces.  Several of the skeins on this page are Suffolk which I think of as a meat sheep rather than a spinning sheep.  The fleece was a gift and I have to say I have really enjoyed it.  It was very white and even.  I spent a good portion of the spring spinning it.  An enjoyable task.  Sarah and I have been knitting with it all Fall and Winter and it's almost gone.  Most of our recent patterns were knit in this yarn.  I'm in the process of sprinning a lovely corriedale fleece that I've added a bit of mohair to (for strength).  It was my intent to use it for socks but it's a little heavy for regular socks but makes wonderful boot socks.  Sarah's working on a pair right now.  Sarah is our self striping queen and has come up with some lovely combinations.  If there's a special combination you're looking for drop us an email and Sarah can probably create it.



Granite Yarn



' Snow White Yarn                            Pretty in Pink Yarn




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