Subito Farm




Handspun Hand Dyed and Hand Knitted 

All of the items below started as raw fleece that I purchased.  They were washed, carded, spun, dyed, knit  by me.  They are ridiculously expensive but even at these prices I don't begin to make minimum wage.  If you are looking for something truly handmade from the very beginning then these would certainly qualify.  I would imagine they're also very "green".  The only carbon footprint is from me and the sheep and the drive it took to get the fleece home.

Handspun Hand Dyed and Hand Cranked

All of the items below started as raw fleece that I purchased or bartered for.   The fleece was washed, carded, spun, dyed, and cranked on my circular sock machine. Many of the fleeces I work with are from a small flock of sheep in the town that I live in.  I know the sheep and their Sheppard.  For these socks I truly know where they come from.  Other socks are from fleeces that I've purchased from sheep and wool festivals or even ebay.  The fleece is washed in small batches in lingerie bags in my kitchen sink in repetitive cycles of soapy and rinse water being careful not to felt the wool.  Once clean and dry the wool is carded on my drum carder into fluffy batts.   I then spin the fluffy batts into 1 ply yarn.  Yarn can be made into 1, 2 or n plied yarn.   For 2 ply yarn you need to spin a second bobbin of one ply yarn and then ply the yarn to the first bobbin of one ply yarn making 2 ply yarn.  Most hand cranked socks are made of one ply yarn.  I then dye the yarn, frequently in self striping colors.   I crank the yarn on a circular sock machine making a pair of socks.  Custom orders are possible as well as desirable as inventory changes as socks are sold and new fleeces come along.


 Yellow and Orange Socks from Rosa                          Sparkly Grey Socks from Chai